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About Me

I’m a professional beatboxer, live-looper, multi-vocalist, and producer. Beatbox vice-world champion (2018) in the live-looping category, and national champion of Russia (2017). Beatbox is my passion since 2007. And live-looping since 2014. I was on TEDx two times. And been performing in Switzerland, Germany, Finland, China, France, Bulgaria, Poland, and in a lot of cities inside Russia.

Worked with companies such as Kali Audio (USA), Roland (Boss Japan), MTS (RU), KFC (RU), RZD (RU), AIAIAI (Denmark), Krakatau (NL\RU), Swissbeatbox (CH), China Beatbox (China), Beatbox Battle TV (Germany), TZRKT (Singapore), Mod Devices (Germany), Line 6 (UK) and many more others.
Collaborated with such artists as D-Low (UK), Codfish (AUS), Shog-GO (JP), River (FR), DEN (USA), Alexinho (FR), Zekka (ES), Reeps One (UK), Trung-Bao (VT) and many more others.

One of the lead organizers of the national Beatbox Battle in Russia. Judged huge amount of online, and offline events across the world. In addition, I’m not only a beatboxer but also an electronic music producer, so I am really in love with strange noises and music!